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Solar Installer

Install and activate sun-power energy collectors.

What does a Solar Installer do?

Solar power is an efficient, clean, and naturally renewable resource. For these reasons, the solar energy industry is booming, and that means more work for Solar Installers.

Solar Installers mount the equipment and connect the wires required to gather and store the electricity. While there are many different types of solar panels, they all serve the same basic function. They collect direct current (DC) from the sun and send it to an inverter. The inverter then transforms it into alternating current (AC) for use in the home or business. Sometimes, this energy is routed to batteries, which store it for later use.

Some solar panels are made to be installed on the ground or side of the building, but the vast majority are mounted on top of buildings. As a Solar Installer, you spend your days installing the frames that hold the panels, and then attaching the panels to the frames. Every project is different. Sometimes, you might have to use your carpentry skills to reinforce the roof or reconfigure your layout to work around an exhaust duct. All this is done while balancing on a rooftop.

In addition to installing the hardware, you wire the electrical components from the roof to the ground or garage where the batteries are stored. This is no small task and must be done by a licensed Electrician. Generally, that’s you. After installation, you activate the system, test for proper function, and clean up the job site.