Solar Fabrication Technician

Install solar-energy collecting panels on sun farms.

What does a Solar Fabrication Technician do?

As the warmer of earth, tanner of skin, and supplier of vitamin D, the sun does a pretty bang-up job of giving us many of the things we need to survive. To add to the list, Scientists have discovered one other thing we can get from the sun: energy.

In recent years, there’s been a push to use solar energy for everything from powering batteries to heating and cooling houses. This is good news for you—a Solar Fabrication Technician—because it means more jobs for you to install solar panels, which gather the sun’s heat and turn it into energy for human consumption.

The title of Solar Fabrication Technician is basically a fancy way of saying “Green Construction Worker.” You spend your days working with your hands, installing solar panels on sun farms (those crazy-looking farms in the middle of nowhere that collect energy from the sun using mirrored panels). Solar panels can be installed in residential homes too, but that’s the responsibility of a different type of Solar Fabrication Technician.

Instead of installing small panels like those found in a house, you’re more concerned with big pieces. You use metalworking skills and heavy equipment, along with saws, drills, and files, to piece together large solar panels. These panels follow the sun as it moves across the sky, so you check that they can easily move throughout the day.

The solar panels you install can be used to power local homes or businesses, or might be part of a scientific center’s research. Either way, you make sure they fit well together and work perfectly.