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Solar Energy Installation Manager

Oversee Solar Panel Installers on large construction projects.

What does a Solar Energy Installation Manager do?

Solar energy is growing in popularity due to its cleanliness and efficiency. Although the initial investment is still high, the long-term expenses are much less than other forms of electricity. Businesses and homeowners who invest in solar energy purchase and install solar panels, converters, and storage systems in order to harvest sun-powered electricity. Solar Energy Installation Managers monitor the Solar Panel Installers and subcontractors who install those devices.

As a Solar Energy Installation Manager, you know your way around a solar-powered system. Depending on the size of the company you work for, you might be responsible for laying out the initial design that suits the customer’s needs. You might go to the job site to evaluate layout, consider product and installation costs, and present an estimate to the customer. Then you place orders, organize a work crew, and start the process.

Once the design elements are hammered out, you hit the job site with your crew and get busy with installation. As a Solar Energy Installation Manager, you also serve as Project Manager and Construction Supervisor. That means making sure supplies arrive on time and in good condition.

It also means ensuring a safe working environment for your Installers. You see to it that they adhere to governmental, industry, and company regulations, and get the job done according to schedule and within budget.