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Solar Business Developer

Identify and write proposals for businesses that could use solar power.

What does a Solar Business Developer do?

In today’s energy-hungry world, Scientists, Inventors, and Engineers are constantly looking for new ways to produce clean and reliable energy. Using the sun to create power is one process that’s continuing to advance in efficiency and effectiveness. Because of that, businesses and homeowners are installing solar systems in record numbers. It’s the job of the Solar Business Developer to create a marketing plan, identify potential customers, and build a name for the company that stands out against the competition.

As a Solar Business Developer, you’re part Marketing Representative and part Analyst. It’s your job to understand the industry. That means understanding not only how solar energy works, but also supply and demand, how services get to the customer, and what new technologies are available. It also means considering costs for equipment, installation, and maintenance.

In addition, you spy on the competition. Well, there’s no need to don a black hood and dig out the binoculars. As a Solar Business Developer, you simply pay attention to their share of the market and what equipment and processes they use to earn it.

You ask questions like, “What does the customer want?” “Can we get it cheaper?” “Are there more efficient methods that we should implement?”

In order to connect with your customers, you sometimes travel to trade shows. You might also meet with specific customers face to face at their home or place of business.