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Soil Science Professor

Teach university students about soil science.

What does a Soil Science Professor do?

To most people, soil is just dirt on the ground–brown and boring. But if you’re a Soil Science Professor, it’s pretty much all you think or talk about, at least when you’re with your students. Soil Science Professors are university-level Teachers who have specialized knowledge about different types of soil and their attributes.

Your work as a Soil Science Professor starts with a small collected sample of the soil in question. These samples can be collected out in the field on your own or with student helpers, or they might be sent to your lab by a member of the public with a general question. You use microscopes and chemicals to determine things like the chemistry of the soil, the minerals that exist within the dirt, and, in general, how the soil formed. The answer to these questions help you figure out things like how much moisture a type of soil can handle, what hazardous materials, if any, lie underneath the surface, or what kind of plants can survive in that type of soil environment. Businesses, especially building companies, use this information to figure out where to create roads and homes, depending on the safety of the soil they’re building on.

Pretty much anything you can think of–from farms to playgrounds to water sources–is built on top of the ground. Dirty or unstable ground drastically affects the day-to-day lives and health of people. Your job provides the research and soil evaluation needed to keep people safe and healthy.