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Software Trainer

Teach others how to use computer programs.

What does a Software Trainer do?

Many a Singer has sworn in song that “love makes the world go ’round.” If you look around, though, it’s actually computers, all of which run software. A Software Trainer, therefore, is akin to fuel in the digital world’s gas tank: They teach people how to use the computer programs and applications that power homes and businesses.

As a Software Trainer, you’re a type of Training and Development Specialist who focuses on computer software. Sometimes, you’re employed at schools — community colleges, for example, or vocational schools — as a Teacher. Other times, you’re employed at career counseling centers as a Career Coach. Most often, though, you’re hired by corporations as a Consultant, or by software companies as an Account Manager.

No matter where you work, though, your mission as a Software Trainer is the same: Whether it’s to help them get a new job, do their existing job more efficiently, or just learn a new skill for fun, many people want and need to learn computer software. You teach them.

The software you teach could be simple and universal, like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. It could be recreational, like Photoshop for amateur Photographers. It could be highly technical, like Dreamweaver for Web Designers. Or, it could be super specialized, like a database tool for the healthcare industry.

Regardless, you use a combination of lecture and demonstration to instruct students on how to launch software programs, use basic features and functions, and troubleshoot common problems.

Because your subject matter is software, you must be technically savvy. Because your vocation is education, however, you also must be an excellent communicator. It’s yin and yang, and you spend your days balancing both to make software simple!