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Software Release Manager



Guide software products through development, testing, and release.

What does a Software Release Manager do?

As software systems become more specialized and complex, there is an increased need to have a Manager on board to oversee and coordinate specific processes. And this task falls on the Software Release Manager. A Software Release Manager (a.k.a. SRM) keeps software products moving through the cycle of development, production, and testing.

As a Software Release Manager, you conduct tests both on software products in their entirety, and on their individual components, to ensure their successful release. This way, you’re certain that your product is working as perfectly as possible. As an SRM, you will likely have a Software Architect – an expert on integration issues and interdependencies among projects in the release – on your team.

You must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, as you will likely serve as a liaison communicating the customer’s needs to the project teams. You also help to determine how to best schedule and utilize company resources to maintain budget priorities. If one phase of the development and production chain has setbacks or has fallen behind schedule, you’re the one who diverts more resources to that phase in order to keep the project on schedule.

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