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Software Engineer Career Information

Software engineer jobs are an integral part of many employers. They are employed in many different industries across large and small businesses. Successful software engineers have skills in computer science, Java, software engineering, and javascript. Software Engineers often work in-house for one company or can be employed as consultants to work for numerous clients.

Software Engineer Education & Background

Most software engineer jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Many software engineers graduate with a computer science degree. The remaining majors are a healthy mix of computer engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer software engineering.

Software engineers work both individually and cross functionally with others in their organizations. They are more commonly employed in information technology and services and computer software industries.

Best regions for software engineer jobs

Location is also important when selecting a career path. San Francisco, New York, and Seattle are amongst the most preferred cities where graduates can find software engineer jobs.


Design, program, and update software.

Salary Range: $70,138 - $112,000
Industry: Computer Software
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