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Software Engineer



Design, program, and update software.

Salary Range

$72,571 - $115,000

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Software Engineer do?

The title of Software Engineer can apply to a very wide range of positions. In the most common usage, though, a software engineer is the person who designs an original piece of software, or improves an existing piece by finding ways to make it better in quality, price, or running speed. Essentially, as a software engineer, you conceptualize how a piece of software can be improved, then decide if and how that improvement is possible.

In this position you may or may not write a lot of computer code. Either way, you need to be extremely familiar with different code languages, as you need the ability to review the software and rework any issues. You also need to deal with issues of design, planning, and testing so that you can put forth a piece of desirable, functional software.

Another necessary skill in this field is communication. You liaise between machines and marketing people who don’t understand how Linux is different from a Lynx, so you must be able to speak both computer and human.

The responsibilities for this job are wide, and depending on the size of the team and business you work for, you might find yourself creating a budget for new software, testing software, writing user manuals, or making sure new software is compatible with older versions. To do this be prepared to stay on top of new computer skills and programs.

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