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Software Developer Career Information

What skills do hiring managers look for in software developers?

When searching for software developer jobs, it’s beneficial to consider the basic required skills. Industries need software developers skilled in javascript,, and xml.

Software Developer Education & Background

Most software developer jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Over half of software developers graduate with a computer science degree. The remaining majors are a relatively equal mix of computer engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer and information sciences.

Software developers work both individually and in collaboration with others in their organizations. They are more likely to be employed in computer software and information technology and services industries than in financial services. Other industries that employ software developers are internet and insurance.

Location of work is also important when deciding on a career path because some industries may be region specific. Software developer jobs can be found in a variety of major cities such as Seattle and New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Austin.


Build, test, and market computer software.

Industry: Computer Software
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