Softball Scout

Scour the nation for the next great collegiate softball players.

What does a Softball Scout do?

While baseball is America’s sport, softball has its place in American culture as well. Players who love the game can earn scholarships to continue playing at the college level and defer the costs of their education. Although they may try out for a college team by walking onto the field, they’re often discovered through the efforts of a Softball Scout.

A Softball Scout is slightly different from a Baseball Scout, not only because the games are different, but also because softball isn’t played at a professional level. Therefore, Softball Scouts recruit for the high school and college levels, but not beyond that.

So how do you go about hunting down the best talents in the nation? You attend a ton of games, read every bit of information you can gather, and network with Coaches. It’s your job to know every major player in every high school near and far. So, you use all means at your disposal to track statistics, watch a Catcher ‘s technique, or analyze the skills of the Pitcher at the local high school.

This job requires travel so you can meet with players, parents, Coaches, and School Administrators. You attend softball games across the country in search of the most dedicated, skilled, and talented players you can find. When you find a player, you build a relationship, negotiate contract details, and convince them that your school is the best choice for him or her.