Softball Coach

Improve your female hitters and fielders with exercise and drills.

What does a Softball Coach do?

Batter chatter, home runs, and strikeouts aren’t just found in the realm of baseball; you can also find them in softball. The two games are almost identical, and the only major differences between them are the size of the ball and the fact that at the professional level, softball is played only by women.

A professional Softball Coach works with the women on a team to improve their skill so they can dominate at their next game or tournament. Just like a Baseball Coach, a Softball Coach might have a specialized role on the team, working as a Batting Coach, a Pitching Coach, or a Head Coach. Each of these positions has a different set of responsibilities.

As with any sport, practice is a huge part of your job duties as a Softball Coach. You organize your team’s practice sessions to work on the different weakness you see during play. At the professional level, practice lasts for a while.

You might start with conditioning drills then move to catching before ending with a scrimmage or some batting practice. Though improving your Players’ individual skill is important, softball is a team sport, so you also work on team communication and strategies for upcoming games.

As your team practices or plays, you work hard to ensure that your Players get clear direction and strong motivation. Just as a Teacher might encourage a student to keep working on a hard problem, a Softball Coach makes sure the team keeps going, playing hard through difficult games.

Professional softball is a growing sport. There are only four teams in the country, and funding tends to be sparse. As a Softball Coach, you might be required to step into other roles as well, doing things like recruiting new Players, handling administrative tasks, and courting potential sponsors.