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Social Work Professor



Teach university students about social work.

What does a Social Work Professor do?

People who study social work have a strong desire to help others. Social Work Professors use their education and on-the-job experience to help these students learn how to be effective Social Workers.

A Social Work Professor works for a college or university, either supervising a few students who are learning advanced social work concepts, or many who are just beginning to explore the field. If you’re a Social Work Professor, you develop a lesson plan based on the skill levels and abilities of your students. Then you give lectures in class to demonstrate important points.

Sometimes, your lectures are exciting, interesting, and thought-provoking due to their subject matter. At other times, the topic is less interesting, and you wrack your brain for ideas to engage your students.

You choose textbooks for the students to read, and assign them homework assignments based on those textbooks. You may spend many late nights grading those assignments, and wishing you’d purchased stocks in a red pen manufacturing company. You also assign final tests or papers, and grade them as well. At the end of the course, you provide each student with a grade.

You also participate in research in the field of social work, and look for opportunities to publish your findings. You may be required to publish your work periodically in order to keep your job.

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