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Social Welfare Director

Run programs that assist disadvantaged people.

What does a Social Welfare Director do?

Social Welfare Directors oversee community service programs designed to help people who are financially hard-up. These programs provide unemployment benefits to laid-off workers, help disabled citizens pay for medication, and deliver food stamps to families who can’t put food on the table. A Social Welfare Director’s typical duties include budgeting, managing personnel, reviewing policies, and handling complaints.

Days are fast-paced for a Social Welfare Director. In the morning, you might have a staff meeting to develop ways to better counsel welfare recipients and get them back on their feet. At lunchtime, you might evaluate the volunteer program, and devise ways to get more people to lend their time to a good cause. And before clocking out, you’ll have spoken to the county welfare board to plan upcoming events and partnerships with local charities like the Salvation Army.

Your job can be difficult, especially during rough economic patches, because you have to work with the money available to you. This means you might have to cut programs or deny funding to others to stay within budget. It can also mean that you must restructure certain programs, or change their requirements, in order to keep them available to the community.

There isn’t a lot of glory that comes with being a Social Welfare Director, even though the work you do is so important. As the face of the department, there are days you might have to field numerous complaints that result from decisions that are out of your control. But know that your work helps improve the quality of the lives of thousands of people. The world needs more souls like you.