Social Services Case Manager

Connect social services with the people who need them.

What does a Social Services Case Manager do?

A Social Services Case Manager is a sort of first-responder when someone needs help. He or she has the ability to assess what the person needs, and the skills to ensure that those needs are met in a systematic fashion.

A Social Services Case Manager might work with people who are frail, addicted to drugs, or have mental health issues. Or you might work with children in foster care, or prison inmates. No matter who you work with though, as a Social Services Case Manager you’ll be the advocate for those people. You’ll likely be the very first person they’ll talk to when they need help, and you may form tight relationships with them as you help them work through the challenges they face.

Your first order of business is to meet with your clients and set up treatment plans. To ensure the best possible treatment, you may talk with Counselors or Social Workers about your clients, and the treatment plan goals you’ve set.

If you work with children in foster care, you visit them in their homes to make sure the care they’re receiving is appropriate. If something happens to the foster children on your client list, you head up an investigation. If you work with the homeless, you may direct them to shelters or food banks that can assist them.

Prepare to be a bit of a know-it-all about your community’s programs. You should know which youth centers have after-school programs, which food banks offer a meal in the middle of the night, and which hospitals take in mental health patients with ease.