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Social Services Aide

Help clients connect to the right social services.

What does a Social Services Aide do?

Focused on helping others overcome hardships, a Social Services Aide works at a social or human services office. As a Social Services Aide, you help Social Workers update records, interview clients, and counsel those who come to the office for help. Whether your client is a recovering drug addict or a disabled veteran who’s out of a job, you find the resources they need to improve their lives.

Most of your days as a Social Services Aide are spent at a desk, talking with clients and logging their progress. Helping others fill out forms about their living situations and income lets you find benefits they may qualify for, such as food stamps or grants for continuing education. You also serve as a Counselor, offering emotional support for the depression and anxiety that often come with job loss.

Occasionally, you travel to clients’ homes to assess their situations and offer advice. You may help a couple improve their parenting skills, or ensure that an alcoholic is staying sober. Involving them in the community through volunteer organizations or group therapy helps them improve day by day.

Your ultimate goal is to help each person find a better life. By planning out their education, their income, and their goals, your clients can start making the changes that will get them out of poverty and into better living conditions. All they need is someone to show them the way.