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Social Science Teacher

Tackle social science subjects, like economics, history, and others.

What does a Social Science Teacher do?

Social science is the school subject devoted to history, geography, economics, sociology, and civics. You might remember it by the maps you made or the ancient cultures you studied in your elementary or middle school years. Social Science Teachers work with students to help them learn and understand the wide range of topics under this subject.

With so many different subtopics, this subject can seem a little daunting. But, as a Social Science Teacher, you get help from your state’s board of education, which outlines what exactly you need to teach your students each year before they can move on to the next level. You use these guidelines, and also collaborate with more experienced Social Science Teachers, to come up with different lesson plans.

You use a variety of techniques–such as games, tests, assignments, quizzes, and class projects–to give your students the information they need. Since this is a class usually found only in younger years (in high school this class separates into history, government, or economics), you want to keep your assignments challenging but not too difficult. So instead of a 12-page report on the socioeconomic reasons behind a culture’s disappearance, you might want to have your students make a poster about why an ancient government failed.

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to instruction methods. You can arrange for trips to the offices of local government officials, have your students dress up as members of a long-lost culture, or have them role-play how bartering worked before banks came to existence. Not only do you get to use your social science knowledge, but you also get to wear your creative hat and have fun with your students.