Social Media Product Manager

Promote a particular product or service via social media.

What does a Social Media Product Manager do?

Most people use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to meet, congregate, discuss, and relate. To a Social Media Product Manager, however, social networks are much more than a digital town square. They’re also a marketing tool for a product or service.

As a Social Media Product Manager, you’re like a Highway Maintenance Worker with a jackhammer: It’s your job to use your tool to break through barriers. Instead of asphalt, however, you break through the onslaught of advertisements that consumers experience every day, making sure your company’s message gets heard over its competitor’s.

Like a Social Media Manager, you market and promote your company online via social media, which requires authoring social media status updates, producing viral videos, and interacting with fans, friends, and followers. Unlike a Social Media Manager, however, your activities typically are tied to a very specific marketing campaign with very specific marketing objectives. While the Social Media Manager handles the company’s corporate social media presence, therefore, the Social Media Product Manager handles the social media presence of an individual product or service.

Say you work for a hotel company like Marriott: While a Social Media Manager manages Marriott’s corporate social media activities, you manage those of an individual Marriott hotel that’s opening in a new destination. You’re in charge of designing that hotel’s social media marketing campaign, then setting, tracking, and achieving its goals. Those goals might include not only getting a certain number of friends on Facebook but also getting a certain percentage of those friends to book a room.

Think of yourself like a social media Marksman: In pursuit of increased sales, you aim, fire, and hit the target using social networks.