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Social Media Manager



Handle the day-to-day aspects of running social media platforms.

What does a Social Media Manager do?

Always getting yelled at for browsing Facebook at work? Not in this job. As a social media manager, you’re the in-the-know person who keeps your clients connected with the top-performing social networks. Updating Twitter feeds, replying to customers on Facebook, and adding other respected clients to your company’s LinkedIn profile all play a role in creating an online presence to make your client the next big thing.

As a social media manager, you need to focus on branding in order to succeed in branding your company. In a nutshell, a company’s brand is its identity. Logos, colors, and taglines all merge to create a one-of-a-kind personality. See a simple check mark on a shoe and you instantly think Nike. That’s branding at its finest.

Planning out a company’s brand and how that will translate on the computer screen is the focus of your work as a social media manager. After determining the company’s look, style, and voice, you make sure all departments are up to speed. If the advertising department is creating formal and sophisticated banners while the editorial team is churning out cute and playful taglines, then you need to step in and get them on the same page.

Finally there’s the implementation stage where all your hard work goes live. Your company is all over the social networking sites, and your crew is ready to interact with customers and update information on a monthly, or even daily, basis. Thanks to you, your clients no longer need a Rolodex. All their connections exist in the cyberworld.

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