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Social Media Manager Career Information

Social media manager jobs are an integral part of many companies. They are employed in many different industries as well as in small to large businesses. Successful social media managers have skills in marketing, social media, facebook, and research. Social Media Managers often work in-house for one company or can be employed as consultants to work for multiple clients.

What majors do social media managers graduate with?

To apply for social media manager jobs, candidates will want to have a bachelor’s degree and perhaps an advanced degree in marketing. Marketing is the preferred degree in this field compared to communication and communication and media studies. Advertising majors are also more prevalent than business administration majors.

What industries and companies need social media managers?

Social media managers are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. The marketing and advertising industry is 2 – 3 times more popular for social media managers than any other industry. Still, the internet, higher education, and retail industries are also good places to work as social media managers.

Now, what are the top cities recent graduates work at? New York is one of the most favorable cities for graduates to work as social media managers. Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Austin all offer their own unique set of attractions to students.


Handle the day-to-day aspects of running social media platforms.

Salary Range: $40,588 - $66,561
Industry: Entertainment
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