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Social Media Consultant



Advise clients about creating an online presence through social media.

What does a Social Media Consultant do?

The job of a Social Media Consultant is to help companies and individuals use social media for advertising, marketing or general brand creation.

Social media (like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon) may be second nature to you, but a lot of people and businesses have no idea what they’re doing online. This is problematic, as social media is essential for many businesses-it can be an inexpensive way to reach clients and make someone go overnight from an unknown to the next big thing. Companies without an internet presence have a harder time finding clients, making them more likely to lose out on business. So they hire a Social Media Consultant, in the position of a Teacher and facilitator, to catch them up on online trends.

The first part of your job as a Social Media Consultant is to meet with a client and help them decide how they want to project themselves online, figuring out things like what their message will be and who they want to reach with that message. Then you’ll brainstorm on the best way to get the message out. For example if a client is trying to reach teenagers, you’d probably suggest using facebook over twitter (it’s more popular with that demographic).

Once you’ve outlined a client’s social media campaign, it’s your job to implement it and keep up on it, constantly monitoring sites, updating “blogs”:/blog, connecting with different online communities, and uploading videos. Alternatively, if you’re only working with the company for a short period of time, you’ll teach someone else how to keep improving things when you’re gone.

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