Social Media Account Manager

Set up and maintain social media accounts for clients.

What does a Social Media Account Manager do?

Every overgrown tree needs a skilled Tree Pruner to keep it in check, and in the case of social networks, that person is the Social Media Account Manager. After all, social media is growing like a tree on steroids: Every day, it seems, it sprouts another branch in the form of a new website, app, or tool, from big branches like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to smaller ones like Bebo, Hives, and Yammer.

When you’re a Social Media Account Manager, it’s your job to manage a company’s or individual’s social media accounts, like a Landscaper maintaining a digital lawn. Your employer could be a nonprofit organization like the American Heart Association, a corporation like Coca-Cola, a brand like Gatorade, or a person – a celebrity, perhaps, or an executive – like Donald Trump or Justin Bieber. In any case, it’s up to you as a Social Media Account Manager to manage that person’s, entity’s, or product’s online reputation by way of social media.

To do that, you spend your days engrossed in social media profiles on various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Foursquare. Your responsibilities include creating those profiles, regularly updating them with content in the form of new posts (some of which you write for your employer, and others you merely publish), and monitoring them on an ongoing basis by reading and responding to comments from other online users.

The digital equivalent of a Public Relations Representative, you build a web-based community of friends, fans, and followers who adore your employer so much online that they’ll buy their products and services offline!