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Social Group Worker

Develop program content, organize, and lead activities planned.

What does a Social Group Worker do?

Develops program content, organizes, and leads activities planned to enhance social development of individual members and accomplishment of group goals: Interviews individual members to assess social and emotional capabilities and plans group composition in relation to personal and social compatibility of members. Selects program appropriate to particular group goals, level of development, needs, capacities, and interests of group members. Involves members in planning and assuming responsibility for activities. Helps members through group experience to develop attitudes and social skills for improved family relations and community responsibility. May secure supplementary information, such as medical records and school reports. May work in collaboration with other professional disciplines. Refers members, when indicated, to community resources and other organizations. Employed in agencies, such as community center, settlement house, youth serving organization, institution for children or aged, hospital, or penal institution. Usually required to have skills acquired through degree program at school of social work.