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Soccer Referee



Enforce the rules of the game of soccer.

What does a Soccer Referee do?

The world of soccer is filled with skilled Soccer Players, diehard fans, and a long list of rules to uphold, all governed by the Soccer Referee. When a stadium is packed with crowds screaming for their team’s victory, the pressure’s on. Every split-second decision you make as a Soccer Referee could mean the difference between leading the Players to a win or a defeat, so you must rule wisely.

On the field, you’re in charge of keeping game time, calling offsides and fouls, and keeping track of goals. It may seem like a lot to remember, but you’re a devoted soccer fan first and foremost, and you’ve spent years watching games and keeping track of those things in your head, down to the Soccer Referee’s system of hand signals. The tricky part is being impartial. Even if making a fair call means your favorite team loses a championship title, you trust your eyes and your instinct, and you do the right thing.

Your position comes with a heap of responsibility – authority always does – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of fun on the field. It may require that you be in peak physical fitness, but you get the chance to run along with the Players as the action of the game unfolds. There’s no better seat to watch the game, as your post brings you so close to the Players that you can see the sweat drip from their brow.

Donning a black and white jersey may mean taking on a few enemies when you’re forced to make a hard call, but you help uphold a game that’s loved by millions of people worldwide!

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