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Soccer Coach

Motivate and manage your players to work as a team.

What does a Soccer Coach do?

Whether you call it soccer or football, this game — played with one multicolored ball and 11 players with talented feet — sure stirs up some strong passions among its followers. If you eat, breathe, and sleep soccer and aren’t content to cheer goals from the side, consider becoming a Soccer Coach.

Soccer Coaches are found wherever this game is played, whether that’s on the sidelines of a community park or at a major stadium. Though coaching young kids is a good way to boost your karma, it doesn’t pay the bills, and most of those positions are for volunteers. If you hope to make money doing this job, you need to get into the big leagues at the college or professional level.

A Soccer Coach is a bit like a Teacher, a Manager, and a Motivational Speaker all rolled into one. You cultivate your Players’ skills, teaching and motivating them to get to the top of their game. Before you can start improving your Players, though, you first need to find them, so you hold recruiting events, watch potential Players’ game tapes, and host visits for interested Players. You figure out what you need as far as positions go, and then look for someone who fits the team in terms of skill and personality.

As you might imagine, you spend a lot of time on a soccer field. You organize practices, focusing on particular goals or skills that need improving. For example, one day might be all about conditioning while another might have Players testing their corner kick skills.

You scout future opponents and create strategies to prepare your team to win. During games, you make decisions like what plays to do, what Players should play, and what to do in emergency situations like an injury or shoot-out.