Soap Drier Operator

Tend equipment and machineries that convert viscous soap into flakes.

What does a Soap Drier Operator do?

Tends equipment and machinery that converts viscous soap into flakes and removes excess moisture from flakes: Turns valves to admit refrigerated water into rollers to chill them to specified temperature to harden soap. Opens valve to allow viscous soap to flow from crutcher machine into chamber equipped with chilling rollers. Starts rollers to press soap into sheets. Adjusts flaking knives that cut sheets of soap into flakes. Turns valve to regulate flow of flakes into drier. Turns valves to admit steam to drying cylinders and oven jackets to heat drier to specified temperature. Removes sample of dried flakes and tests for moisture content, using moisture testing apparatus. Adjusts temperatures accordingly. Opens valve to discharge dried flakes onto conveyor belt leading to storage bins. May sharpen flaking knives, using hand file. May tend equipment to convert liquid insecticide into flakes and be designated Flaker Operator.