Snow Ranger

Keep skiers and hikers safe from danger.

What does a Snow Ranger do?

The job of a Snow Ranger isn’t your average snow day. Sure, you get to enjoy your fair share of fresh snowfalls, ice-lit mornings, and the occasional snowball fight, but when the snow is heavy, there are trails to clear and slopes to patrol.

A Snow Ranger takes the task of a regular Park Ranger and blast it to the next level. No stranger to adventure, as a Snow Ranger you patrol the slopes and mountain peaks to make sure those who are having fun in the snow are kept safe. While a snowy range of cliffs might be a beautiful scene to wake up to, it can also harbor hazards for anyone venturing in the park area.

One of your most dangerous foes is the avalanche. With just a crack of ice, whole sheets of snow can come tumbling down on your park, burying an entire campsite or lodge. Your avalanche control team uses regulated dynamite blasts to loosen trouble spots during the off season. With this type of rigorous preparation, the chances of a major avalanche strike are low, but if the worst happens, you’re trained to swoop in on your snowmobile to save the day.

The snow can make a normal rescue mission twice as difficult, and twice as dangerous. It can obscure trails and bury landmarks, and the chilling temperatures make it harder to move quickly. Time is of the essence when the lost hiker you’re searching for is buried under a layer of ice. Luckily, your excellent physical condition and expert knowledge of the terrain gives you a leg up on the brutal obstacles that a blizzard or avalanche throws at you.

At the end of the day, you definitely deserve to curl up at the station with a warm cup of hot chocolate to celebrate a successful mission.