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Snow Plow Driver

Keep roads drivable in winter by scooping snow with a truck-mounted plow.

What does a Snow Plow Driver do?

If you love the snow and driving big rigs, the job of a Snow Plow Driver is the one for you. As a Snow Plow Driver, you operate the truck that shovels snow off the road’s surface to make it safe for cars and trucks. This is seasonal work, but be prepared to be on call when Mother Nature unleashes her fury.

What’s an average day like?

If you’re a Snow Plow Driver, you’ve got to be comfortable in the driver’s seat of large trucks. You might have your own truck, plow, and other equipment that you use, or you might drive a state- or company-owned vehicle. Either way, it’s your job to make sure it has a full gas tank, the proper tools on board, and a tote of safety equipment for roadside emergencies.

Maneuvering a snow plow through snow-covered mountains requires practice, attention to hazards, a knowledge of how the truck responds to snow and ice, and the skin of a bear. Although much of your time is spent behind the wheel, the rest of it is spent in winter’s elements. You must be willing to work in all weather conditions, from the calm after the storm to freezing rain, hail, snow, or sleet.

In addition to driving skills and an arctic parka, you also need strength and endurance. Clearing a mountain pass can require long hours of repeatedly loading 50-pound salt bags into the truck’s hopper, skipping real meals in favor of soup out of a thermos, and downing enough coffee to ensure safe and efficient handling of the truck.

Why does this job matter?

Without you (and your snow plow), winter roads would remain blocked, icy, and dangerous. Your hard work enables people to get out and about, even when Mother Nature is at her fiercest.