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Snack Bar Attendant

Serve candy, drinks, and basic meals.

What does a Snack Bar Attendant do?

Snack bars are those handy little things you can find poolside at resorts. Set up in small buildings or cabins, they sell snacks and drinks when you’re far from a hotel’s kitchen or bar. They carry candy, drinks, and basic meals like sandwiches. In short, they’re the best!

Snack Bar Attendants work in these pleasant pagodas, providing meals to customers as they request them.

Like any Food Service Worker, Snack Bar Attendants focus on giving excellent customer service. If you’re a Snack Bar Attendant, you always want to be pleasant and welcoming to guests, helping them with questions and going above and beyond what they expect. A perk of this job is that most places allow you to make tips, and the better your service, the more generous customers are-a helpful thing to remember next time someone’s running around looking for a specific type of bread, or diet soda over regular.

As mentioned before, snack bars are found in all sorts of places. Depending on where you work, part of your job might be taking payment for the food you prepare, or just charging room numbers. If you do take money, you should know how to make change and how to run a cash register.

When there are no customers around and you have some down time, your job becomes all about getting things ready. You stock drinks, roll napkins, and, in general, make sure the bar has everything a guest might request.