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Smoking Pipe Coater

Tend machines that spray and coat interiors of smoking pipe bowls.

What does a Smoking Pipe Coater do?

Tends machine that sprays and coats interior of smoking pipe bowls with mixture of charcoal, shellac, and alcohol: Pours specified amounts of charcoal, shellac, and alcohol into agitator and mixes solution for specified period to prepare coating solution. Pours solution through filter into tank, replaces tank top, pulls lever to start machine pump, and turns handles to regulate pump pressure to specified setting. Attaches hose and spray nozzle to machine, using wrench and pliers. Reads work ticket to determine shape and size of pipe bowl to be processed. Places corresponding size of collar on machine spray nozzle. Positions and holds pipe bowl on collar, and depresses pedal to spray and coat inside of bowl with coating solution. Places coated pipe bowls in box for storage. Disassembles and cleans spray nozzle and hose, using wrench, pliers, methanol, rag, and brush.