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Control battery of smoke chambers in which meats are cooked and cured.

What does a Smoker do?

Controls battery of smoke chambers in which meats, such as bacon, hams, meat loaf, sausage, shoulders, and wieners are cooked and cured: Loads racks and cages, suspended from overhead conveyor, with meat products and filled molds, and pushes racks into smokehouse for cooking and curing. Shovels sawdust into hopper of smoker and lights burner to ignite sawdust. Starts electric blower to admit air and blow smoke into curing chambers. Observes gauges, turns steam valves, and adjusts ventilators and dampers to regulate temperature, humidity, and density of smoke to control cooking and curing process. Inspects meat for color, feels meat for firmness, and inserts thermometer into meat to ascertain progress of cooking and curing. Opens water valve to spray and chill meat. Removes cooked and cured meat and empties molds. Places meat loaves on racks and returns them to smokehouse for further smoking and drying. Pushes racks of cured meat to chill room. May stuff meat loaves into plastic casings, using horn. May record weight and amount of meat cured. May steam-clean smoke chambers and heating coils, and remove ash.