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Smoked Meat Preparer

Prepare meats for smoking.

What does a Smoked Meat Preparer do?

Prepares meats for smoking, performing any combination of following tasks: Soaks meat in water or brine and washes and scrapes encrusted salt, slime, grease, excess moisture, and discoloration from meat. Weighs meat and stamps or presses inspection labels, weight, or symbols on meat by hand or using branding iron. Ties cord through small end of hams and shoulders to form hanging loop. Encases meat in stockinets to preserve shape of meat during smoking. Places metal hanging devices on racks, and hangs slabs of bacon on hooks of devices. Hangs meat products on tree racks suspended from conveyor and starts conveyor to move products to smokeroom. May strip stockinets from meat. May trim and bone hams. May be known according to task performed as Bagger, Meat; Comber; Hanger, Meat; Scraper, Meat; Soaker, Meat; Tier, Meat; Tree Loader, Meat; Washer, Meat.