Small Wind Energy Installer

Assemble wind turbines meant to power single buildings instead of cities.

What does a Small Wind Energy Installer do?

Wind can do more than rattle windows and loosen shingles. When wind blows past the propellers on a wind turbine, it could help generate electricity. Homeowners and Business Owners with a bit of breeze to spare hire Small Wind Energy Installers to choose, install, and set up those turbines.

While Wind Turbine Installers often work with hundreds of gigantic turbines that stand stories tall, Small Wind Energy Installers rarely deal with anything that big. In fact, when you’re a Small Wind Energy Installer, most of your turbines are just a few feet tall, and you often put only one or two on each site you work on.

You often work with homeowners who may not understand the basics of wind energy. Before you agree to design a system for your clients, you take measurements at multiple sites and make sure there’s enough wind to power a turbine. Then, you choose the make and model that can harness the power most effectively. Next, you obtain permits for the homeowner, making sure you can install the system legally without Police Officers appearing on the scene.

Most turbines aren’t assembled when they’re shipped from the factory, so you screw, staple, and glue the parts together. Then, you secure the turbine to the site firmly so it won’t blow away, and you connect the system to the building’s electrical system.

Once the installation is complete, you run tests to ensure that the system is generating power as planned. Sometimes, you tweak the programming of the system or change the position of the turbine slightly to get better results.