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Small Business Owner



Manage all aspects of a small business.

What does a Small Business Owner do?

The businesses a Small Business Owner can engage in include pretty much anything you can think of. A Small Business Owner can run a coffee shop, auto body shop, dog walking service, paint supply store—anything you can dream up. The list is endless.

As a Small Business Owner, you take care of everything your business needs. This means you budget, plan for future growth, hire or fire employees, restock supplies, market your services, and find clients. But here’s the catch: even though you’re in charge of all these tasks, you also need to get to the point where you can let go and have someone else do them.

This is because, ultimately, your biggest responsibility is to come up with a vision and plan for your company. You want a plan that will work long-term, and you have to be able to lead others towards that plan. If you don’t have a strong plan or aren’t able to give up some control, your business will never grow. It is limited only to what you as one person can accomplish.

This job has a number of positives: you create your own hours, choose your workload, and aren’t working to make money for anyone else but yourself. However, it has a downside: you tend to take your work home with you, you only get paid when you complete your duties, and there’s not a lot of security. If your business fails, you’re the one who’s out of all the start-up money. But hey, there’s a price to being your own boss, and having complete control.

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