Slot Technician

Repair and maintain slot machines both in the casino and behind the scenes.

What does a Slot Technician do?

Huge numbers of people flood into Las Vegas each year trying to win big. And waiting for those people are a lot of slot machines. When you’re a Slot Technician, your job is to install those machines, and then keep them up and running in good condition for gambling patrons.

Although Vegas is the most well-known gambling center, Slot Technicians can work anywhere there’s a casino. Where you work will determine the pay rate you get and the type of clientele you work around. But besides that, the basics of the job of a Slot Technician are the same everywhere.

Before a slot machine goes out onto the floor, you get it ready for playing. This means you install the necessary parts, and connect the correct equipment. Then you bring the machine to the casino, install it, and turn it on.

You train casino workers on how the machine functions. And when something breaks and it’s beyond what they can fix, you come back to the casino to replace parts and rewire the machine. In order to avoid broken machines, you do periodic maintenance. So if you’re assigned to more than one casino, you might travel around doing checkups at set times of the month.

Since a broken machine means lost money for the casino, many of these jobs require you to be on call, ready at any minute to fix a broken machine. Odd work hours and the occasional long day are not unusual in this line of work, so be prepared.