Slitting-Machine Operator II

Set up and operate slitting machines to cut sheet metal into strips.

What does a Slitting-Machine Operator II do?

Sets up and operates slitting machine to cut sheet metal into strips of specified widths: Selects, cleans, and installs spacers and cutters on arbors, and hones cutters with oilstone to remove nicks. Presses button to lower arbor until cutters mesh, and measures clearance with feeler gauge. Inserts spacers to adjust spacing to specified tolerance. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lift metal roll to play-out reel or places roll on reel, using overhead chain hoist. Threads sheeting through slitter and verifies dimensions of cut to specifications, using rule. Secures strips on recoiler, adjusts guides and roller tension with handcrank, and starts machine. Observes slitting and rewinding operation and examines cut strips for flatness, holes, burrs on edges, and surface defects. May oil and clean machine. May feed sheet metal between rotating shear rolls. May install rubber sleeves over spacers to provide gripping surface for rollers and to facilitate movement of material being slit. May operate panel to control specific units of equipment, such as feeder unit.