Slitter Service and Setter

Set up and repair machines that automatically cut tinplate sheets.

What does a Slitter Service and Setter do?

Sets up and repairs machines that automatically cut tinplate sheets into specified size: Installs and aligns disk cutters on machine spindle, following blueprints or work orders and using handtools. Tests and adjusts feed mechanism and synchronizes feeder with machine cutting speed, using gauge and handtools. Diagnoses cause of machine malfunction and dismantles machine to gain access to and remove defective parts, using handtools and power tools. Examines parts for defects, such as excessive wear, cracks, and broken gears. Repairs or replaces defective parts, adjusts, and aligns parts to specified tolerances, using gauges, handtools, and power tools. Starts machine to test performance and examines first run products to ensure they conform to specifications. Removes jammed metal, using tongs and probes. Lubricates and cleans machine.