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Slitter-Scorer-Cut-Off Operator

Set up and operate machines that slit, score, and cut sheets paperboard.

What does a Slitter-Scorer-Cut-Off Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine that slits, scores, and cuts sheets of plain, laminated, or corrugated paperboard to specified dimensions: Positions and fastens scoring and cutting disks on roller, according to specifications, and installs roller in machine, using handtools. Turns wheels to adjust cutter knives, align paper guides on layboy, and adjust pressure on slitting and cutting disks. Starts machine and synchronizes speed of traveling cutoff knives with speed of machine feed. Verifies dimensions of cut-scored blanks with work order, using tape rule. May cut samples from sheets for testing. May operate machine that slits and cuts rolls of paper and be designated Slitter-And-Cutter Operator.