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Slime-Plant Operator II

Tend equipment that recover minerals from impurities.

What does a Slime-Plant Operator II do?

Tends equipment, such as grinders, leachers, filters, pressers, and evaporators that recover gold, silver, selenium, and other minerals from impurities: Grinds impure slag or ore in ball mill, and mixes slag with water to form slurry. Turns valves and starts pumps to force mixture into leaching tanks. Starts agitators and adds chemicals to leach combined solutions. Starts pumps to force leached solution into settling tanks, and installs orifices to control rate of flow of sediment and liquids to and from settling tanks to remove liquid. Feeds settled solution through rotary-drum filters, and presses filtered slime in press [FILTER-PRESS OPERATOR]. Boils selenium residue to remove moisture for barreling. Obtains and weighs samples of slimes during process, using container and platform scales, and delivers samples to laboratory for analysis. Drains and cleans tanks, wire screens, inflow pipes, and equipment with water hose. May be designated according to mineral recovered as Selenium-Plant Operator.