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Slasher Tender

Operate machines to saturate warp yarns with size.

What does a Slasher Tender do?

Operates machine to saturate warp yarn with size and wind sized yarn onto loom beam: Positions section beams onto creel with aid of another worker, using hoist. Gathers ends of warp together and ties warp to corresponding leaders left in machine from previous run, or when machine is empty, bunches ends together and threads yarn through size pot, around drying cylinders, and onto loom beams. Inserts lease rods between alternate strands of yarn to prevent yarn from sticking together. Lays individual warp ends between teeth of expansion comb for even distribution across loom beam. Turns valves to admit size into vat and steam into drying cylinders. Sets yardage clock to indicate yardage to be wound on loom beam. Starts machine and observes flow of warp through machine to detect breaks and tangles in yarn. Disentangles yarn and ties broken ends with fingers. Feels yarn to verify adherence of size to yarn and ensure that yarn is dry but not burned. Inserts lease string in warp yarn and secures yarn ends with tape. Doffs loom beam onto handtruck and replaces with empty beam, using hoist. Records style number, yardage beamed, yarn breaks, and machine stops. May change temperature control chart on control panel. May clean machine. May process yarn for use on narrow fabric looms and be designated Warp-Spool Slasher.