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Slab Grinder

Operate bridge-like track-mounted machines.

What does a Slab Grinder do?

Operates bridge-like track-mounted machine equipped with horizontally mounted cast iron grinding wheel to level surface of dimension stone used for building purposes and in manufacture of monuments: Turns valve to start and adjust flow of water and abrasive over stone and grinding wheel. Climbs into cab of machine or onto control platform and moves levers to guide abrasive wheel over stone, observing level gauge to detect uneven areas. Observes ammeter to determine resistance against grinding wheel and moves levers or pushes buttons to adjust pressure of wheel against stone and control speed of wheel. May operate machine that oscillates rotating grinding wheel as it traverses slab, using successively finer abrasives to grind and buff stone to mirror-like finish and be designated Slab Polisher. May operate machine equipped with cast iron wheel set with diamond-impregnated polishing bars to grind and polish sandstone and be designated Diamond Sander.