Skip Tracer

Locate people who have gone missing.

What does a Skip Tracer do?

A Skip Tracer locates the whereabouts of individuals who for any number of reasons have gone missing, or “skipped” town. As a Skip Tracer you are hired by a third party to pinpoint the “skip” and determine his or her current location.

Debt Collectors, Private Detectives, and Attorneys often hire Skip Tracers to track down witnesses, criminals, patients, or individuals in debt. As a Skip Trace you may also work with families to find missing children or partners.

In order to obtain the skips whereabouts you collect, analyze, and reduce information about the missing person gathered from many sources. An ability to decipher between accurate and inaccurate information is essential. Additionally Skip Tracers must have the ability to make quick, creative, and inventive on your feet decisions.

You follow the trail wherever it leads you and requires a lot of personal investment and patience. Your work as a Skip Tracer brings criminals to justice, reunites long lost families, and even reconnects long lost loves.