Skills Coach

Teach budding athletes the importance of proper form and practice.

What does a Skills Coach do?

In order to play basketball, Athletes must be able to run, jump, catch, and throw. They can’t do all of those actions randomly, however. They must use very precise movements in order to make that ball sail through the air. All sports require a mastery of athletic movements, and as a Skills Coach, you can help Athletes gain those skills.

Skills Coaches who work with children tend to focus on skills that are common to all sports. Skills Coaches who work with elite Athletes at the professional level hone in on skills that are particular to one sport. The coaching techniques are basically the same, but the focus of your work and the skill of your students drive your lesson planning.

When you’re working with children, you teach them through play. Tiny kids tend to amble away during long lectures, so you keep your directions short and snappy, and you use your whistle to herd them.

In the springtime, you set up softball scrimmages and show the kids how to hit, catch, and run. In the wintertime, you show them how to play flag football. Here, you’re working as a Teacher, explaining rules as well as stressing fundamentals.

When you’re working with adults, you provide one-on-one advice. You might ask the Athlete to demonstrate a jump shot, a baseball pitch, a golf swing, or a breaststroke. Then, you break that motion down into small pieces, demonstrating how the Athlete could do that small motion just a bit more efficiently. Unlike Head Coaches who plan team activities, you stress individual work that can help the whole team improve.