Ski Binding Fitter and Repairer

Fit and attach bindings to skis.

What does a Ski Binding Fitter and Repairer do?

Fits and attaches bindings to skis, according to customer needs and ski and boot specifications, and repairs ski bindings and skis, using power tools and handtools: Records customer statistics, such as height, weight, skiing experience, and skiing habits to maintain reference file. Reviews customer data and ski manufacturer specifications to determine method of locating and attaching binding to skis. Measures length of ski-running surface with ruler to locate center of skis. Places skis in clamps, positions drilling-jig on skis, and drills holes, using electric hand drill and utilizing knowledge of composition of skis. Screws bindings to skis, using screwdriver, and secures boots in bindings to ensure required flexibility. Replaces defective bindings, cements separated layers of laminated skis, using epoxy resin and clamps, and sharpens ski edges, using file, to repair skis. Occasionally sells skis when sales staff are busy.