Ski Base Trimmer

Join polyethylene-plastic base-strips and steel edges.

What does a Ski Base Trimmer do?

Joins polyethylene-plastic base-strips and steel edges to fabricate ski base-layer, using handtools and work aids: Selects specified base-strips and steel edges for joining. Tapes logo in position on toe area of base-strip and inserts strip into roller that presses logo into position on base-strip. Applies adhesive onto steel edge and base-strip, using glue bottle and adhesive dispenser. Positions steel edge in jig and inserts base strip into steel edge. Trims base-strip to conform to bend of steel edge and cuts strip to conform to heel-plate of steel edge, using hand plane, knife, and template. Inserts heel-patch between base-strip and heel-plate, and presses assembly into specified position to fabricate base-layer, using special handtool designed to apply rubbing pressure on plastic strip. Examines assembly to determine if assembly falls within specified fabrication tolerances and discards base-layers failing to meet tolerances. Carries accepted base-layers to designated press molds for further processing.