Sketch Maker II

Sketch, photograph, and etch cloth designs on zinc plates.

What does a Sketch Maker II do?

Sketches, photographs, and etches cloth designs on zinc plates in form that can be transferred to printing rollers by mechanical pantograph process, using precision measuring and drawing instruments, camera, and etching chemicals: Studies design and production sheet to determine number of times design will be repeated around roller, size of sketch, and number of plates required to complete sketch. Lays out reference lines on design according to location of one complete repeat of pattern and number of plates required to sketch pattern, using straightedge and pencil. Draws reference lines on zinc plates, using dividers, straightedge, and pencil. Places design under weighted door of camera and moves camera up graduated scale to enlarge pattern to specifications. Positions zinc plate on table beneath camera and aligns reference lines on plate with reference lines of reflected design. Traces around reflected outline of design, using diamond stylus, leaving specified spacing between colors to compensate for color, type of cloth, and etching process. Corrects flaws left in design by designer or artist, and reproduces design so that it will be practical for printing. Immerses sketched plate in acid solution to etch lines of design. Washes etched plates, using water and brush. Records number of times design will be repeated around roller, number and size of plates in design, and spacings left between colors on production sheet.