Skelp Processor

Control operation equipment to form skelp into metal pipes.

What does a Skelp Processor do?

Controls operation of machinery and equipment, such as coil car, uncoiler, rollers, power shears, and hoist, using console, from pulpit in welding mill to form skelp into metal pipe: Receives signal through intercom to begin machine operation. Moves levers and presses buttons on control console to position coil car under overhead hoist and receive supply of skelp. Observes operation of car that transports skelp through series of processing operations, such as uncoiling skelp, rolling coil into sheets, and shearing sheets into specified size prior to welding and forming metal into pipe. Observes operation from pulpit to detect camber and machine malfunctions, such as jam-ups. Stops machinery when malfunctions occur and removes sections of cobble, using acetylene torch. Assists workers in setting up and adjusting machines and equipment, using handtools and measuring instruments. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to restock or remove skelp and cobble from operating pit.