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Skein Yarn Dyer

Tend machines that bleach or dye skeins of yarn.

What does a Skein Yarn Dyer do?

Tends machines that bleach or dye skeins of yarn: Hangs yarn skeins over perforated rack. Turns valves to fill dye vats with water, and turns knob to set temperature of water according to specifications. Pours chemical softeners and liquid dyes into vats according to formula. Starts machine that rotates skeins periodically and circulates dye through yarn. Dumps dye solution from vats at end of dyeing cycle and circulates rinse water through yarn. Loops several skeins of yarn together to form bundle and removes yarn bundles from perforated racks. Places bundles of yarn into boxes. May load and unload machine, using chain hoist. Important variables may be indicated by trade names or machines used.