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Sizing Machine Tender

Tend machines that coat strands of yarn with size to strengthen yarn.

What does a Sizing Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that coats strands of yarn with size to stiffen and strengthen yarn for further processing: Positions yarn bobbins and takeup cylinders on spindles of machine. Threads yarn over fingers of tension guides, across size-covered rollers, and around cylinders. Determines tension of yarn strands, using tensiometer. Pulls or releases yarn between tension guide and takeup cylinder to increase or decrease tension. Turns valve to admit size into retaining trough of machine. Observes machine to detect deviation of flow or supply of size from standard and notifies KNITTING-MACHINE FIXER, HEAD of malfunction. Observes machine to detect yarn breakage and ties knot or rewraps yarn end around sizing cylinder to repair breaks. Doffs and labels cylinders of sized yarn. May mix size, following formula.