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Sizing-Machine Operator

Set up and operate battery of machines to compress to size.

What does a Sizing-Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates battery of machines to compress to size and impregnate paper tubes with linseed oil preparatory to processing into shotgun shell bodies: Selects and measures arbors and dies with micrometers and plug gauges to verify specified size. Installs arbors, arbor shanks, collets, dies, and die holders in machine, using handtools. Examines paper tubes for crushed or torn ends, verifies inside diameter periodically, using plug gauge, and dumps tubes into hopper. Turns valve to circulate oil through die holders and starts machine. Observes machine operation and adjusts oil flow that facilitates passage of tubes through sizing dies and impregnates tube exteriors to waterproof and stiffen them. Clears jammed tubes from dies, arbors, and feed channels, and blows out clogged oil lines with airhose. Replaces tube-filled baskets.