Size Maker

Operate equipment to cook and mix materials.

What does a Size Maker do?

Operates equipment to cook and mix materials, such as starch, casein, resin, chemicals, and fillers, according to formula to make size for pulp paper: Turns valves to fill cooking vats with metered volumes of liquid ingredients and dumps specified amounts of solid ingredients into vats according to formula. Turns steam valves or adjusts burner to maintain specified temperature in vats for cooking starch, resin, or casein with water, lime, and chemicals. Opens drain valve or starts pump to transfer cooked material to mixing machine, dumps specified weights of alum, lithopone, clay, or titanium dioxide into machine, and starts machine to mix ingredients for specified length of time. Adds chemicals to mixture, according to specification, to prevent decomposition. Drains or pumps size to specified storage tanks.