Sinter Machine Operator

Tend sintering machines and auxiliary equipment to produce sinter cakes.

What does a Sinter Machine Operator do?

Tends sintering machine and auxiliary equipment, such as conveyors, pug mill, and suction fan, to produce sinter cake from finely ground iron ore, lead, coke, and flue dust: Turns gas valve of sintering machine and ignites burner with torch. Moves controls on panelboard to start equipment. Signals SINTER FEEDER to feed pug mill conveyor specified amounts of sinter material. Feels mixture processed by pug mill to determine moisture content. Moves controls to regulate water supply to pug mill to attain specified moisture in mixture. Examines sinter cake produced by sintering machine and moves controls of machine to produce cake to specifications. Chips sinter material from chutes and spouts of machine, using bar and hammer. Records weight and type of materials used.